Mosaic Tokyo

This page is support page for "Mosaic Tokyo".

Mosaic Tokyo is an application to create a mosaic photo in poster size
by using Kanji image (Japanese Kanji). It is very easy to create mosaic photo!
All you have to do is to choose a photo and push start button!


You can create high quality mosaic photo very easily!!



   Take a photo by clicking the button in the lower
   left of the screen, or
   choose a photo by clicking the button in the lower
   middle of the screen.


   Then, ckick Start button to create mosaic photo,
   and wait for a while. ”

   When process done, mosaic photo will be displayed.
   If you want to redo, click the lower right button.

   Click the button in the lower
   left of the screen and change settings.

   You can change various settings.

   You can save the mosaic photo  
    by clicking the botton in lower left.


   Thumbnail of saved mosaic photo is displayed in table.

   Photo will be displayed by clicking table cell.

   Select the way to send or save.


  iPhone/iPod Touch(iOS 10.3 over)

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  We do not take any responsibility for any damages

  resulting from the use of this application.

  If you find bug, please inform us.


Last update:1st/ Feb/2019